We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in technology space helping enterprises in their IT automation and digital transformation initiatives. We are a team of young yet experienced professionals who have deep expertise and hands on experience in IT management & automation solutions, IT security, BPM & Analytics. We have been helping enterprises in selecting the technology to address their challenges and implement them to realise the ROI and provide ongoing support in managing their technology landscape.


Managed Services

We consult, we help evaluate, implement, train and support run your show with the proposed solutions. It does not end there! If you have too much on your plate or if you feel like you are constrained with resources, may be you feel it would be better for your team to manage the business operations rather than manage the complexities of IT, we pitch in to provide assistance there as well. We help organisations who wants to outsource their IT management by providing managed services taking care of IT Service management, operations management, security management, Reporting & analytics management etc., Define your requirements & SLA’s and we ensure the delivery of these managed services through a dedicated and trained team of IT administrators thus relieving your time & investment to your core business.