We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in technology space helping enterprises in their IT automation and digital transformation initiatives. We are a team of young yet experienced professionals who have deep expertise and hands on experience in IT management & automation solutions, IT security, BPM & Analytics. We have been helping enterprises in selecting the technology to address their challenges and implement them to realise the ROI and provide ongoing support in managing their technology landscape.


Evaluation Assistance

Once you decide to implement an application to manage your enterprise IT, you need to evaluate multiple products available in the market to identify the right fit for your needs and also meeting your budgets. We help you evaluate different tools by making a comparison of features, technical aspects such as architecture, scalability, security and commercial aspects such as licensing models and pricing. We engage by demonstrating the applications and weighing in on the pros and cons for you to choose the winner. We also conduct proof of concept studies by deploying a test setup in your environment and let you see for yourself of the capabilities of the chosen application.