We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in technology space helping enterprises in their IT automation and digital transformation initiatives. We are a team of young yet experienced professionals who have deep expertise and hands on experience in IT management & automation solutions, IT security, BPM & Analytics. We have been helping enterprises in selecting the technology to address their challenges and implement them to realise the ROI and provide ongoing support in managing their technology landscape.


Business Analytics

Digital transformation happened. What next? You have huge volumes of internal and external data piling up in your data infrastructure. Organisations still see the data infrastructure as a cost to the company. How do you capitalise on the data residing here? While digital economy is data driven and data is very valuable, raw data isn’t valuable in and of itself, but, rather, the value is created when it is gathered completely and accurately, connected to other relevant data, and done so in a timely manner. When properly refined, usable data quickly becomes a decision-making tool – information – allowing companies to react to market forces and be proactive and intentional in their decision-making. This can be achieved by employing right set of tools to analyse your business and customer data and act on the findings to improve your organisational processes, KPI’s and other performance metrics that lead to the growth of the organisation. This also provides insights on improving your services, the need to create and roll out new products and services, opportunities to upsell and cross sell to your customers and retaining your customers. We assist enterprises to deploy the latest analytics tools to meet their business needs and provide valuable insights to help the organisations to flourish.